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Who is Bionik Strength?

Educators. Expert Coaches. Industry Leaders.

Bionik Strength are a team of industry leading, fitness industry experts. Our vision is to provide the highest levels of knowledge, support and guidance to fitness professionals. Alongside this we strive to bring researched based coaching interventions to aspiring and competing athletes to optimise their development and success within sport. Our mission is to deliver the highest standard of personal training through face to face sessions and online coaching, to help make a top standard service available to everyone.

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Nik Dodd

Owner & Founder

I have been in the fitness industry for 12 years achieving peoples goals and delivering outputs beyond their expectations. Countless testimonials of clients achieving weight loss, fat loss, muscle mass, alongside strength and power development. 

Alongside this providing sport specific strength and conditioning to a range of athletes including powerlifters, strongman, olympic weightlifters, arm wrestlers sprinters, long jumpers and other athletics based disciplines. Alongside this endurance athletes, combat based sports including MMA and boxing. Achievements including countless number of athletes competing and taking medals in the 3As national championships across various age classes. Supporting title winning professional boxers. Strength and conditioning for world champion arm wrestlers. Powerlifters competing in British and European championships. In addition to this producing British championship standard bikini competitors, bodybuilders and men's physique athletes.  

Teaching personal training qualifications for seven years, producing hundreds of PTs at a very high standard across the northwest area. Alongside this providing support and mentorships to PTs to support their in their education, business and producing the best results for their clients.  Alongside this I have taught PT qualifications to the Fire Service to support their firefighter development, alongside teaching to world class olympic athletes at the end of their careers and their movement into coaching. 

Provided rehabilitation for a wide range of conditions including Type 2 Diabetes nutritional support, alongside rehabilitation of lower limb nerve damage. Training MANFIT amputee groups to achieve their goals and support their rehabilitation. Lower back pain including sciatica, bulging and herniated disks. Individuals with severe limb damage through fractures. Correction of upper cross syndrome including hyperkyphosis. Correction of hyperlordosis and scoliosis. Full rehabilitation of wheelchair to walking in remitted cancer patients following surgery. 

Supporting this I have qualifications including a degree in sport and exercise science, internationally certified personal trainer with NASM, Corrective exercise specialist with NASM and Performance enhancement specialist with NASM. Ex-Certified strength and conditioning coach under the UKSCA working with high standard clubs such as Sale Harriers and Sale Sharks athletes. Qualified teacher and assessors teaching NVQ courses and teaching a range of CPD courses such as advanced programme design, Kettlebell Training, Advanced Cable systems, Advanced Suspension training  (TRX), Circuit training with Metabolic conditioning training, Boxing based fitness, RPM and group studio cycling. Lecturer of Physiology, Biomechanics and Psychology on the Sport Science Degree course.

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About: About Me

Ste Hubbard

Head of PT Education

I have been a personal trainer for over 10 years with a background in sports science and have been tutoring personal training courses for the past 6 years delivering nationwide, including work with the fire service and HM Prison service. Alongside my PT business I also offer sports massage therapy helping a range of clientele feel pain free. My main objective as a coach is educating people on health and well being to live a healthier sustainable lifestyle, making sure the experience is enjoyable yet rewarding. Over the years I’ve worked with 100’s of clients from all backgrounds and fitness levels helping them achieve their personal fitness goals as well as improving their overall quality of life. In the past I played football at semi pro level but for injury was unable to continue and now I have recently started coaching football players to build their peak physical performance and reducing risk of injury through strength and conditioning programs, which I plan to progress further, as my passion has always been in sport.


Josh Wardell

Head of coaching

I’ve been a personal Trainer for 5 years now after struggling with obesity for most of my young life. What started as my own mission to lose the excess body fat has developed over the years into helping others do similar and become my career. I’ve helped hundreds of men and women from all walks of life achieve fitness and physique goals via methods which fit their lifestyles. Most of my career has been spent in commercial gyms where my reputation has gained me a lot of social population clients ranging from cancer patients to Stroke survivors, each learning curve I’ve reached has been a steep but rewarding one!

Through different experiences ranging from bodybuilding to MMA, and trying to find an aim for my fitness progress I started competing in Strongman in mid 2019 , winning my first two the back of this I am now also coaching strength competitors.

Nutrition is where I believe the key to all fitness lies and I place a heavy influence on this with my coaching clients to ensure they reach their goals while still performing optimally in the gym.

About: About Me
About: About Me
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