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Active IQ Level 4 Certificate in Strength and Conditioning

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Level up with our Level 4 Certificate in Strength and Conditioning

Learn all the skills you need to become an elite coach, guiding your business and clients towards building performance and muscle! 

Our course teaches you all the skills to bring the best results for your clients.

Is this Level 4 course right for you?

If these points below resonate then maybe Bionik Active IQ Level 4 Certificate in Strength and Conditioning is the right choice for you!

Learn advanced lifting techniques

Our course provides in depth guidance and teaching at the most advanced and complicated lifts. We break these down in easy to learn methods to help you build up the ability to teach these to your clients. These lifts include the olympic weight lifts (Clean and Jerk, Snatch), alongside all their component lifts for development. We also include details on all powerlifts with advanced coaching for each (Squat, Bench Press, Deadlift).

programming and periodisation to get best results 

We will develop your programming abilities up to standard with the most recent and cutting edge research. This enables you to get the best results out of any client! Whether it be an athlete, building muscle or even physique and fat loss goals! Our programming can be applied to enhance the results of all your current and future clients. 

Athlete Development

This is where the course can get specific for those wanting to progress their careers into athlete development. We teach the fundamentals of athlete performance including how to improve sprint speed, acceleration, agility, jumping ability and of course lifting capacity! We teach you to test specific variables which are performance indicators for sport, then apply improvement protocols for development and mastery! 

Become an elite lifting coach

Finally we go into the complex more advanced training principles which are not taught anywhere else. Teaching you the true secrets of how to achieve elite level performance and muscle growth! Unravelling the value and use of electromyography for muscle activation and understanding the best exercises for every muscle part. Alongside this advanced lifting methods such as accommodating resistance, PAP training, and essentially everything you need to become an elite coach! 

Step 1


Sign up to one of our range of courses to develop your skills and knowledge as a personal trainer

What you can expect

Your Journey with Bionik Strength

Step 2


Embark on your education journey with Bionik Strength, following your education plan, using the manuals and resources and attending our delivery workshops both online and face to face.

Step 3

Support and qualify

Contact us at any point during your course with any questions or queries. Get detailed responses and support to help guide your progress. Once you qualify we are always here to support and help, so get in touch! 

At Bionik Strength we focus on the highest quality courses at affordable prices


Get in touch and start your fitness journey today.


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