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Sports Injury
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Active IQ Level 3 Diploma
in Sports Massage Therapy

Our level 3 Diploma is registered with Active IQ and is regulated by Ofqual to ensure the highest quality. Throughout the course you will learn:

  • In depth knowledge on the anatomy and how the body is affected from sports massage

  • Soft tissue dysfunctions, injuries and the repairing process

  • How to screen clients, gather the appropriate information and design treatment plans

  • Advanced massage techniques and how to effectively implement them within treatments



"The best" - Ste was the tutor on course and it was absolutely amazing. I've been massaging for 16 years and PT for 3 years and this is probably the best course I've ever been on



Big thanks to Ste and Nik, the course has been fantastic and thanks for being so patient with me!



I Found it really useful to expand as I am already a PT. The tutor was super supportive and I would definitely recommend the course to others

Is the sports massage course right for you?

Understand the anatomy 

We will giving in depth guidance and information on anatomy and physiology and the importance of understanding this for sports massage. You will learn about the functions of each body system and the roles they play in performance and recovery to assist you in delivering the most effective massage treatments.

Learn how to screen clients and gather information effectively

Our course will provide full details on how to conduct client consultations effectively to ensure you maximise your treatments with clients. This will involve health screening processes to ensure clients are safe to work with and the correct referral procedures if not. We will also go through rigorous client assessments to ensure we gather all the relevant information required to gain a full understanding about each individual client

Plan the most effective treatment plans

How to optimise a treatment plan to ensure the most effective outcomes for clients, including how many treatments are appropriate, what massage techniques would best be used and structured aftercare advise to ensure our clients can continue with the good work we have put in place in the treatment room

Step 1


Sign up to one of our range of courses to develop your skills and knowledge as a personal trainer

What you can expect

Your Journey with Bionik Strength

Step 2


Embark on your education journey with Bionik Strength, following your education plan, using the manuals and resources and attending our delivery workshops both online and face to face.

Step 3

Support and qualify

Contact us at any point during your course with any questions or queries. Get detailed responses and support to help guide your progress. Once you qualify we are always here to support and help, so get in touch! 

At Bionik Strength we focus on the highest quality courses at affordable prices

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