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Metabolic Calculator

How does it work?

Using your details our metabolic calculator can calculate the amount of calories per day that your body requires to maintain normal function, this is refereed to as your Basal Metabolic Rate. Our calculator will then add calories based on how much activity you perform, this will provide you with your recommended calories per day. From this figure you can then reduce your calories by a small amount to create a deficit which would help you achieve weight loss. Inversely you can increase your calories from the calculated amount to create a surplus, and this will place your body in an environment to gain weight. 

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Want more information about your metabolism?

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We have compiled all the information you need to know for your weight management journey, whether that be losing weight, or gaining muscle! This will be an outstanding resource to help you achieve your goal by providing you with the knowledge and understanding of how your body works. The effects of different macronutrients on your training and weight management journey. Complete the form below to receive your free informative PDF to guide you.

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