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At Bionik Strength we have highly experienced tutors delivering studio cycling and have embedded our years of knowledge into our one day course. It is action packed with theory on how to design safe and effective sessions, correct bike set up, selecting the relevant music and understanding how to adjust RPM based on the type of workout planned.


The majority of the day will be practical to give you hands on experience of coaching the key principles of bike set up, appropriate warm up and cool downs, and delivery of studio cycle sessions with various choices of workout style.

One of the many benefits of studio cycling is that everyone can put their own individual spin on their sessions with music choices and terrains to suit your personality. 

Group of Road Bikers

Sarah - Physique development

My personal programmes created for me by Bionik Strength have worked wonders for my confidence, my mind set and of course my body. 


Alex - Physique competing

I wasn't able to gain a single kg in two years. When I start working with Nik, I gain 7kg in twelve weeks. 


Elisse - Physique development

 Bum's bigger, waist is still there, my cycle is back and i bloody LOVE food.

Is studio cycling right for you?

Design fun and effective sessions

Studio cycling has been  popular for so many years due to it being extremely effective for multiple goals such as weight loss, muscular endurance, strength and building muscle. The sessions are designed to be tough but also have lots of elements that make it fun and interactive for both the instructor and the members of the class.

How to safely perform and teach a studio cycling class

This Level 2 Active IQ awarded Indoor Studio Cycling Qualification is the leading industry standard and ensures you have the skills to design and instruct effective sessions for all levels of fitness from beginners to advanced clientele.

Enhancing your programming skills and versatility 

Our manual and workshop is all focused around practical application, everything your learn has a solid use with real clients! Our course goes into detail of how to use studio cycling to get your clientele achieving their goals whilst attending enjoyable sessions that do not get boring.

Step 1


Sign up to one of our range of courses to develop your skills and knowledge as a personal trainer

What you can expect

Your Journey with Bionik Strength

Step 2


Embark on your education journey with Bionik Strength, following your education plan, using the manuals and resources and attending our delivery workshops both online and face to face.

Step 3

Support and qualify

Contact us at any point during your course with any questions or queries. Get detailed responses and support to help guide your progress. Once you qualify we are always here to support and help, so get in touch! 

At Bionik Strength we focus on the highest quality courses at affordable prices


Basia - Powerlifting competitions

I would be nowhere without Nik's knowledge  


David - Powerlifting and strongman competitions

Nik is an absolute professional & with his extensive knowledge can help anybody achieve their goal.


Alex - Powerlifting competitions

Nik showed huge dedication and 100% individual approach to my needs so I could meet the goals.


Nyla - Get stronger, leaner and help manage fibromyalgia

I’ve gone away with so many gems thanks to Nik, but the main one for me is the correct form to avoid injuries


Kirsty - Rehabilitation and help posing

Niks treatment helped me greatly with my posing as it loosened me and allowed me to get into the best positions to show off my



Jeremy - Performance and olympic weightlifting

Not only had my strength increased but my deadlift and squat mobility had also improved. 

Course structure 

Upon starting the course, you are given a learner assessment folder (LAF), which will consist of a series of knowledge based questions for you to demonstrate your understanding and application of studio cycling. When complete this will be submitted for assessment.


You will also attend a practical workshop where we will embed high level theory into your studio cycling practice. You will undergo various stages of formative assessment through the day workshop, followed by a final summative assessment at the end of the day. 

Course cost

A single payment of £150.

Course requirements

The minimum requirements to partake in our studio cycling course, is to have  a certified level two gym instructor qualification. Although this is the minimum standard we would recommend having completed your Level three personal training qualification, to help with understanding of the theory and practical skills. 

Guided learning hours

you will receive the Active IQ manual to study via home learning, this is an estimated 10 hours of home study. Following this will be an 8 hour practical workshop


Get in touch and start your fitness journey today.


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