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Alex - Powerlifting competition preparation

I came to Nick with clearly specified goal in my mind- start in my first powerlifting competition.I was totally green in this subject and needed professional guidance.After initial meeting I was really impressed, Nik  was very approachable and presented overwhelming knowledge of powerlifting. We started working together straight away. I have had some numbers I wanted achieve for my debut  and Nik showed huge dedication and 100% individual approach to my needs so I could meet the goals I have set for myself at the beginning. Our Cooperation definitely exceeded my expectations and we have managed to surpass my initial goals. Apart from fully achieving strength goals, I have learned a great deal of other useful information- like nutrition, tweaks in technique or how to correctly match training technique to the goals you want to achieve and more. Nik is more than just another coach, he deserves to be called a mentor and specialist in his field, I have really enjoyed working with him, and would always recommend his mentorship to anyone who wants to have a head start in powerlifting.

Alex Test

Nyla- Get stronger, leaner and help manage fibromyalgia

My goal was to get stronger and to become lean

My experience with Nik was phenomenal ....

I did both one to one & group sessions . Also attended the seminars when possible .

The sessions I found very disciplined , organised and delivered in most professional manner .

Niks knowledge not only in personal training but also in biomechanics  takes training to another level . Not only did we achieve our goals of getting stronger but we also learnt how to preform whilst keeping the current form , and bonus was any injury’s he also helped to resolve them with additional rehabilitation routines to do at home !


Unlike many PT’s that charge a fortune for causing more damage than good.

Nik doesn’t ...!!


Nik is a package deal :- personal training, Correct form, Biomechanics, Teaching and giving you Knowledge, Nutrition advice, Rehabilitation.


I’ve gone away with so many gems thanks to Nik , but the main one for me is the correct form to avoid injuries


@ 48yrs old I feel stronger and healthier than I’ve ever done !

Never dreamed I’d be able to lift the weights I did ..!!


Can’t thank Nik enough for our quality time together.

He is most definitely one of the most experienced Personal Trainers that you will ever meet , who has the ability to help anyone achieve their desired goals .

Nyla Test

Kirsty - Rehabilitation and help posing

I went to Nik for rehabilitation due to lots of issues. Since the treatment my neck and back feels great, never came back even through times I’ve trained daily and do really heavy shoulder sessions, which I always put off as they triggered it.


I compete in women’s wellness and bikini, Niks treatment helped me greatly with my posing as it loosened me and allowed me to get into the best positions to show off my

Physique. The effects of this was immediate!

Kirsty Test

Sam - Tutoring sessions and online coaching

I came to nick for some 1-2-1 tutor sessions to help me with exercise techniques,  joint & muscle actions during exercise, programme planning for clients specific goals,  to give me the extra confident as a newly qualified personal training but also to make sure i was giving the best service i could to my clients.
The sessions with Nick were so informative and he explained everything in detail but so that it was easy to understand.
After my sessions with Nick i feel much more confident as a Personal Trainer and would highly recommend any Personal Trainers to go to Nick for his knowledge to help with them with their business.

Sam Test

David - Rehabilitation and powerlifting competition preparation

Having always been a heavy squatter, I had slowly developed a pain in my groin & as a result, was unable to squat 50% of my max. I went to Nik to try to solve the issue & he assessed everything from my technique to mobility. He changed my technique and over a 12 week online coaching plan, we worked on a full body strength programme which gave me 3 personal best lifts of 145kg bench press, 210kg squat & 255kg conventional deadlift. We are now working on my next goal of entering my first powerlifting competition in the near future.  Nik is an absolute professional & with his extensive knowledge can help anybody achieve their goal. I couldn’t recommend him enough.

David Test

Elisse - Increase strength to improve glute development and help rehab hormone dysfunction

Experience: Nik is one of the people I thank for legit giving me my life back, I was miserable. He not only taught me but managed to get through to me the importance of food and after a lot of drilling I started to eat more, then I started to lift more and then naturally changes started to happen. I hit every single one of the goals set and even got pull ups in haha. The sessions were well thought out (obviously, this is a man whose mind baffles me, he is insanely screwed on and knows his shit). He motivated me, kept in touch with me, was an incredible support system and is amazing at what he does. 

What did i achieve - every. single. goal. I was too scared to 'bulk' on my first round with Nik (naturally due to demons) so he created a programme so specific to see me lean up and feel muscle development without gaining 'fluff'. Bum's bigger, waist is still there, my cycle is back and i bloody LOVE food.

Elisse Test

Basia - Powerlifting Competition Preparation

I’ve been training with Nik 3 years now (1 to 1).
I still remember how I met him. He came to cover the class when I was doing the group training with different PT. I quickly showed him my sheet and said this is the programme for today, he smiled and said “We’re doing my programme now”. I knew the session will be hard. Yeah It was, walking back home was a big challenge.
We started working together end of January 2017. I came to him with a goal to get strong as possible so I could powerlift. I was 9kg lighter and weak. Still remember my first strength programme and all the baby gainzzz. I was terrified of squats, so for the first year we mainly squatted in our sessions. I also hated bench, it was a fight to learn the technique. Fast forward 3 years, I am 9kg heavier and squatted 95kg x 2 with a smile, bench press is my best friend, deadlift – I think this lift is moving towards something incredible which makes me very proud.
I learned everything from Nik, my technique was very poor when I came to him so we had to strip off everything to basics and re-learn.
His programmes are very hard and Nik is very strict, but this is what I always liked about him. I would never miss the session because I would be to embarrassed to tell him. Having him as a coach really helped me to stay focused.
Apart from the strength I also achieved the physique I always wanted to have. Nik educated me about the nutrition (doughnuts after training are the best).
I would be nowhere without his knowledge and I am forever grateful for making me the person I always wanted to be.
He’s constant support is invaluable. He is like an angel who gives us the wings when we forget how to fly.

Basia Test

Ali Grace - Powerlifting/Comp Prep

After Nik forced me into powerlifting through meeting him as my tutor on my PT level 3 course. I fell in love with training again and felt like I had found a niche. I trained with Nik every week to "fix" my problem areas and weak areas, dusted upo on my technique and my strength shot up. I'm now in preparation for my first competition and feeling completely comfortable following Nik's advice

Allison Test

Jeremy - Performance and olympic weightlifting

I came to Nik as an old student of his on a  personal trainer course. My goal was to get stronger, and he was running a Powerlifting group, which I decided to join. Within a few weeks, I was making massive progress as a result of guided technique improvements and a linear progression programme that optimised training volume, reps and recovery. Not only had my strength increased but my deadlift and squat mobility had also improved. When the other guy in the group left, Nik carried on training me 1-to-1 for the same group price, and even taught me the Olympic lifts!


In the time I spent training with Nik, which I really enjoyed (you couldn't have a friendlier or funnier PT!), I took away far more information for my own personal gain than I did on the Active IQ Level 3 curriculum. This includes being able to identify the cause of mobility issues (e.g. strength imbalances) and correct them, and also being able to analyse the biomechanics of a compound exercise being performed in order to improve efficiency.


Also, his knowledge and use of trigger-point therapy to relieve muscle/tendon pain is really impressive! I would highly recommend Nik as a personal trainer.

Jeremy Test

Josh Wardell - Strongman Athlete

I’d been a PT and fairly advanced lifter for 4 years before deciding to hire a coach and what a decision it was. The wealth of knowledge that Nik provides is endless and he’s always got a new trick up his sleeve to improve my performance. Deadlifts in particular are always something I’ve hated and struggled with but that was soon changed under his guidance. He also shares my passion for swearing and inappropriate humour which helps. 10/10 best coach ever.

Josh Test

Alex Galovic - Mens Physique show prep

I wasn't able to gain a single kg in two years. When I start working with Nik, I gain 7kg in twelve weeks. His knowledge and explanation how things work isprodigious. I would recommend Nik for everyone!

Alex G Test

Sarah Knight - Physique and performance goals

Before I started training with Nik my I’d gotten into a bit of a rut with my own training regime, my confidence was low in my own abilities, I hadn’t seen a real change in my body for quite some time and my knowledge as a whole was pretty limited. The line between fitness facts and myths were very blurred to me. Fast forward to just 7 months down the line and I feel like a completely new woman! My personal programmes created for me by Bionic Strength have worked wonders for my confidence, my mind set and of course my body. My goals have changed from plan to plan and Nik has ensured I’ve hit each one of them. His coaching, guidance, support, patience and (immense!) knowledge has taught me so much and I continue to learn with each session. Nik has helped me achieve goals that I never thought I could achieve before in several different aspects of my training. From what weight I can lift, to achieving the correct technique with complex lifts, to the amount of fat I can loose without making myself miserable! (Wahoo!) Thanks to Nik I have reached each one of them so far and well on my way to achieving new ones. Most importantly though I have sincerely enjoyed the process of working with Nik. I honestly cannot recommend him enough as a personal trainer. He is simply the best this industry has to offer.

Sarah Test
nikki dl.jpg

Nikki Cowell - Increase strength and muscle mass

I worked with Nik for 12 weeks, he helped me put on some weight and to push my deadlift from a 120 1RM to 130 1RM. He was very insightful, massively helped tweak my technique and would highly recommend him to anyone. GAINSVILLE

Nikki test

Matt Garnett - Weight loss with increased muscle and performance

I first met Nik over 10 years ago, I can honestly say I know no-one else who has the same knowledge, passion and desire to help others achieve their fitness goals, whatever those goals may be. I struggled with my weight for many years, tried diets and going to the gym on my own and had no success. A former colleague of mine passed my info to Nik and he reached out to see what he could help me with. From the first time together, he was nothing but awesome. He pushed and motivated me to achieve all my fitness goals, which started with losing 50kg to building muscle and getting me hooked on constantly pushing myself to beat my 1 rep maxs. He was always there to answer any questions I had and was constantly educating me through every stage of my fitness journey. I still use the knowledge I learned from him to this day. Even after all this time, whenever I drop him a message for advice, he’s more than happy to help. If you’re looking for a fitness expert to achieve your fitness goals, with the added benefit of being super awesome to hang out with then you’ve come to the right place, you’ll find no one better.

Matt Test

Emma Heaton - Powerlifting competing

I first met Nik as my tutor on a CPD course. I remember thinking during that course, 'this guy knows his stuff'. A few months later, when I decided I wanted to start powerlifting, it seemed obvious to me to choose Nik as my coach. I've been training with Nik now for about two years and in that time have seen improvements to my strength, technique and mindset. Nik has prepared me for 3 powerlifting competitions and I've come away from all three absolutely buzzing with the result. I like Nik's style of coaching. He knows exactly how to give you that push when you need it yet safety and technique remains a priority. He has a very evidence based approach and won't over complicate things with loads of fancy accessory exercises where it's not necessary. He will always explain the 'why' behind what we're doing and as a result of this, I've learnt a lot along the way. Having competed in many disciplines himself, Nik really understands how important our goals are to us. In the days leading up to my first competition, the nerves were getting the better of me. He was literally there every step of the way for me on the phone giving me advice and calming me down the night before weigh in, after weigh in and on the competition day. You get a real sense that Nik cares about your results just as much as you do and that is exactly what you need in a coach.

Emma Test
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